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"Sam Hester's Ramsay", 2012

I live in this great neighbourhood called Ramsay. Since having a baby, I've been at home at lot more, and I've had the chance to find out how much cool stuff and how many cool people there are around here. When I was invited to be part of a cool initiative called "Project Calgary" documenting the city's neighbourhoods, I was more than happy to write a comic strip piece about Ramsay! (That piece is at the bottom of this page.) And then, that Ramsay comic strip turned into a new idea - a monthly strip for the community newsletter.

This neighbourhood is full of artists and creative people (in particular, it seems, a lot of architects, graphic design and media people). Although Ramsay is one of Calgary's oldest neighbourhoods, it's a bit of a secret. Right now, it seems to me that there are a lot of exciting things going on in Ramsay that might start to put it a bit more on the map. Maybe I'll have a chance to write about that stuff in here, but for now, here is the comic strip.

You can find out more about Ramsay at the community website: www.ramsaycalgary.ca.

And here is a link to a 2012 article about the artsy scene we've got going here.

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