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help fund alec's third & fourth year books!

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  When my son Alec was born in 2009, I began a series of quick, sketchy comics about life with the new baby. This has become an ongoing project which has been greeted with enthusiasm by parents and non-parents alike. The first two "year books" debuted at the 2012 Calgary Comics Expo. For this year's fast-approaching Expo (April 26th - 28th, 2013), I'll be at Artist Alley, and it seems like the perfect opportunity to launch the next two books. Here's how they'll look:  
third year book
fourth year book


How can you help?

These little books will only cost $3.00 each, but publishing comics is expensive. So I've started a little crowdsourcing campaign at the all-new InvestYYC site.


Your donation to my project at InvestYYC will not only help a local artist publish a local story, it will earn you some great perks... take a look below!

And look here to see excerpts from Alec's 1st & 2nd Year Books.

Book Details

Each book is about 40 pages long and saddle-stiched (which is just a fancy way of saying "stapled together in the middle... but stapled by professionals, of course!). The pages are black & white on glossy 80 lb paper, but the covers are a baby-blue card stock. Like Alec, the books are little: 4.25" x 5.5". The price of each book: $3.00.

And now... the perks!

Donate $10... and I will email you a hand-drawn e-card thanking you personally for your help!

Donate $25... and I will send you a real, live, one-of-a-kind hand-drawn thank-you card in the mail, to pass on an even bigger thanks!

Donate $50... and I will send you the aforementioned real, live thank-you card, along with a signed 8.5x11" print of a page from the book! (See below for your choice of three prints. Unless there's another page from one of Alec's 1st or 2nd year books you'd really prefer. Just let me know!)

Donate $75... and I'll send all that previous stuff, along with a signed copy of one of the four "Alec's Year Books" (your choice).

Donate $100... and I'll send all that previous stuff, along with signed copies of all four of the Year Books! Yes, the whole series will be yours!


Choose one of these three prints to have for your very own (signed by me, of course!)




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