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I live in Calgary, in a great neighbourhood called Ramsay. In 2011, I was invited to be part of the Calgary Herald's "Project Calgary", a series of articles documenting the city's neighbourhoods. My contribution was a full-page newspaper comic strip piece about Ramsay! (That piece can be seen here.)

That comic strip led to a new idea - a monthly strip for the Ramsay community newsletter. It's been running for two years now! You can see the strips below (updated monthly), or on the Ramsay Community Association website, here.

After attending a neighbourhood event I helped to organize (the 23rd Avenue Artwalk & Street Celebration), Calgary arts blogger Binzento Vincente wrote about Ramsay: "Officially I can call it the most artsy part of town." (Here's his blog post about the event. Scroll down the page... it's just after his post about the Glenbow Museum's exhibition opening.) Yay Ramsay!

Ideas for the Ramsay strip? Please send them my way!

ramsay - calgary herald

Calgary Herald --Dec. 2011

ramsay 03.12

March 2012

ramsay 04.12

Apr. 2012

ramsay 05.12

May 2012

ramsay 06.12

June 2012

ramsay 07.12

Aug. 2012

ramsay 09.12

Sept. 2012

ramsay 10.12

Oct. 2012

ramsay 11.12

Nov. 2012

ramsay december

Dec. 2012

ramsay 02.2013

Feb. 2013

March 2013

Mar. 2013

April 2013

Apr. 2013

may 2013

May 2013

june 2013

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